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A great way to increase your companies revenue.

Additional Revenue

Keep up to 70% of the sale price with packages ranging from $50, $100, $200 per account/per month.

No Maintenance

Vergify develops and maitains 100% of the software and services.

Branded Product

We'll customize your CRM with your companies logo, color theme and domain.

Customer Support

We'll manage customer support and questions about the software.

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How it works

  1. Sign up to be a reseller using the application form below
  2. We will be in contact with you shortly after
  3. Upon approval we will provide you with instructions to continue. We will manage and maintain your CRM and replace all branding with "your" company brand.
  4. Your revenue, the more users you have the more revenue you keep.

    0 to 1000 users = 40% of sale price, $1000/month licensing fee
    1000 to 4999 users = 50% of sale price, 100% of licensing fee waived
    5000 to 19999 users = 60% of sale price, 100% of licensing fee waived
    20000 or more users = 70% of sale price, 100% of licensing fee waived

The benefit for your clients

A powerful, feature rich CRM

Save Time & Money

Spend less time jumping from app to app to achieve your business goals. Vergify is an all-in-one client management app with simple pricing that will save you money.

Focus on Clients

Customers are at the heart of every business. Vergify helps businesses focus on their clients and their business.

Increase Sales

Vergify's easy to use Lead Mangament & Live Chat features will help your business acquire more leads and convert more sales.

Learn More About Your Clients

Create a survey and distribute it to your audience via email, link sharing or embedding directly on your website. Use that data to make better business decisions.

Automate Marketing

Create and schedule beautiful email campaigns and expand your reach.

Get the conversation going

Add Vergify Live Chat to your blog or website and enable 24/7 communication with your clients.

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