Vergify wins FinancesOnline’s Rising Star and Great User Experience Award for CRM software

Two great awards to be proud of: Vergify wins FinancesOnline’s Rising Star and Great User Experience Award for CRM software, a reputed B2B software review provider has recently described Vergify as a ‘tool that helps small businesses and growing startups have a smart and straightforward client management platform loaded with functionalities that enhance business growth’. Statements like these are truly inspiring coming from a leading team of experts, especially when accompanied by two awesome productivity awards.

Impressed by Vergify’s user-friendly client management tools, FinancesOnline’s experts prepared a detailed benefits review of our system, and ascribed it two of their best known awards: the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for online CRM software. Both awards are reserved for helpful and easy-to-use products, including such that established good traction with customers despite of being relatively young and unexplored.

Keeping a close eye on Vergify’s capacity to meet specific business needs, the platform’s experts also reserved it a place among the most popular CRM products for 2017, where they recommend it because of end-to-end lead management, payment processing, and high level of personalization that makes service professional and trustworthy. The B2B professionals were impressed by Vergify’s dedication to in-time and knowledgeable service, which not only improves customer experience, but also supports the implementation of effective marketing campaigns. Our system was also praised because of its handy integrations, and the budget-friendly pricing that is suitable for all users.

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