Using Live Chat On Your Website

Live Chat is a great way to communicate with your clients Your business can have an unlimited amount of employees (seats) available. Monitor what you, your employees and your clients are talking about in our easy to use reports.


How To Add Live Chat To Your Website

Navigate to the “Get Code” tab on the “Live Chat” page within our app. Simply copy & paste the code to all pages on your website in which you would like to communicate with your clients. This code is best placed in the “<header>” tag of your html page.

An easy way to add live chat to all your pages is to place the code on a masterpage. If you need help adding your script, contact us.


Live Chat

Here you can easily find a list of all your open chat sessions with your clients. It’s an easy way to multitask and navigate between different conversations. Simply click on the “Live Chat” tab on the far right of your page to open the Live Chat Window.


This article is part of the How To series. The How To series is a group of articles designed to help small business make the most of the tools that Vergify provides them.

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