Improve Your Sales Process With Automation

Vergify automation makes improving your sales process easier. Using the following 3 steps you can be on your way to automating your sales process.

  1. Make unique lead capture forms
  2. Create automated emails
  3. Setup smart lead triggers


Make Unique Lead Capture Forms

Create as many custom lead capture forms with your easy to use form builder. Simply select which fields that you would like to create, including custom fields that are unique to your business,  and save the form. On your lead forms page you’ll be able to go into the details of all of your custom lead capture forms and view reports and other information including the “Get Code” script.

Copy the “Get Code” script and place it on your website in a spot where you’d like to capture leads. For instance, you can create a landing page explaining your company or product and after the explanation you can insert the “Get Code” script. When viewing your websites page this will automatically show the lead capture form that you’ve built. Your customers can then fill out that form and instantly become a new lead.


Create Automated Emails

Creating an automated email or automated email series is a great way to interact with your new leads acquired in from your lead capture form. For each lead capture form you can specify an automated email and/or an automated email series to send to each new lead. When creating this automated email you can set who the email is coming from within your organization and how long to wait to send the email. For example, specify “no wait” if you’d like the automated email to send immediately or specify a wait time in minutes if you’d like to send the automated email later.

A great example of automated emails is the “A message from our founder” email you’ll receive upon signing up with Vergify. Yes we use our own CRM to manage our business and new leads! New users who sign up will receive this email exactly 30 minutes after signing up.


Setup Smart Lead Triggers

Create lead triggers that will help you move your leads across the sales pipeline automatically. This will help your sales pipeline run smoothly. Lead triggers are custom to your business, so you can name them however you like. When viewing a specific lead employees can check of tasks that are complete, or otherwise known as the lead triggers you’ve setup. When these tasks/lead triggers are checked off, it will automatically push the lead to appropriate stage in the sales pipeline that’s assigned to the trigger.


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