How Custom Fields Fields Can Help Your Business


Cater To Your Unique Business

Custom fields empower you with the ability design how Vergify CRM works for your business. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, real estate, tech or retail industry, Vergify can be a unique experience for your business and your customers.We believe that there is no one size fits all, so that’s why we created custom fields, to give you the power to make your CRM work for you.


How It Works

You can add custom fields to the clients area of the CRM. This helps you organize and store data that might be unique to your industry or business about your clients. The amount of custom fields you can add is unlimited and can be changed at any time. When viewing your clients, the custom field data will appear under “More Details”.

There’s also the event fields that you can modify. Vergify comes with 3 default event types, however you can add additional custom event types that will help you and your business stay organized and run smoothly. Events are used to track things that each individual is doing. For example, when an employee adds a new lead that will be added as a lead as well as an event that was done.

Additionally you can add custom lead fields, otherwise known as lead triggers. These lead triggers are used like tasks and are categorized under stages in the sales pipeline. When the task/lead trigger is completed it will automatically push that lead to the stage it is assigned to in the sales pipeline. There is also no limit to the amount of lead triggers you can add.


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