Customize Live Chat To Match Any Website Design Using Free Live Chat Software

Adding live chat to your website can increase your sales by at least 20 percent. It’s also a great way to provide exceptional customer service to your clients. Vergify’s free live chat software can be customized to match any website design and business goals.


Make It Your Own

Having a beautiful looking website is great. Vergify aims to help you with that by providing live chat that can match your websites design. We’ve made this as easy as possible for you to do. Simply choose the desired background color and font color that goes well with your website. Also, customize the message on the chat header bar along with your introduction statement to better deliver your companies message. That’s it! You can update the design and message at any time.


Free Live Chat Software

Vergify’s CRM offers free live chat software for startups and small businesses. With up to 50 chat sessions per month, use our live chat to increase sales while helping more of your customers. Live chat is a great addition to any website, making your business look professional and responsive.

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