Capture Your First Sales Lead

Leads & Sales can sometimes be overwhelming and disorganized for a small business. Organizing your leads & the sales process can bring a quick return on your investment and increase the amount of closed deals.


Adding A Lead

While on the “Leads” page simply click on the “Create A Lead” button. This will bring you to the image you see above. The next thing to do is to fill in the available fields. Enter in a description & dollar amount for your lead. Next choose a client & assign this lead to an employee. Finally, save your lead.
Saving your lead will automatically place your lead as a prospect. While on the “Sales Pipeline” tab you can move this lead to different stages in the sales process by dragging it.


Custom Lead Triggers

Setting up custom triggers for your leads and sales process is a great way to auto manage the lead and what is being done at each stage. An admin can setup triggers for each stage in the sales process. These triggers have the option of “Completing All” or “Completing Any” of the items to qualify a lead to move to the next stage.


Closing The Deal

Drag and move a lead across the sales process to change the stage of the lead. The sales pipeline gives you a snapshot of your businesses current sales and the current stage of each lead. To close a deal simply drag the lead from its current stage and drop it in the “Close The Deal” box on the far right.


This article is part of the How To series. The How To series is a group of articles designed to help small businesses make the most of the tools that Vergify provides them.

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