An Easy Way To Automate Sending An Email To New Leads

Getting leads can be a lot of work. Automating some of the steps can go a long way and help you close more deals.

With these steps creating an automated email can be minutes away:

  1. Add a title for your automated email (You can create an unlimited amount of automated emails, so this will help you organize them)
  2. Add your email subject
  3. Add a wait time (This is the amount of time to wait before the email is sent out to your lead)
  4. Select if you want to make the email personal to the lead (The email will automatically address the individual. For example: Hi John, …. )
  5. Select if you want to make this email the default (All leads that aren’t specifically assigned to an automated email will use the default if available)
  6. Select an employee to send the email from (This is optional. If an employee has their email setup, then you can select that employee and the email will be sent to the lead from the selected employee)
  7. Create the body of the email
  8. Save and you’re done. Emails will now be automatically sent to your new leads. Congrats!!


Take a look at the screen shot below


Want to get a better look into how automated leads can work for you? Sign up for Vergify and you’ll receive an automated email within 30 minutes after you sign up. This email was generated using Vergify’s Automated Leads. It’s easy to create a similar email for your leads.

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