Adding Your First Client

Maintaining and organizing your clients and their relationship with your business is crucial to the success of your business. The experience a client has with your business should be a pleasant one. Vergify’s easy to use interface makes managing clients a pleasant experience.


Adding A Client

Vergify has all of the basic client tracking fields such as: Name, Date Of Birth, Email, Phone Address. Along with these basic fields you can customize your Vergify experience by adding custom fields that is special to your business. Custom fields can be added on the settings page by an Admin level account.


Email Addresses

A client can have multiple email addresses with different email types. Email types include Work, Home, Other. You can assign a default email address to a client which will be used for marketing campaigns and emailing the client.


Phone Numbers

A client can also have multiple phone numbers. This is great for keeping history on a client in the event of a number change. You can also add a default phone number to a client.



Clients can have multiple addresses which is useful when home and work addresses. Address types include Work, Home, Other. You can assign a default address to a client.


Custom Fields

Vergify allows your business to have an unlimited amount of custom fields. This will customize Vergify to fit the needs of your business.

This article is part of the How To series. The How To series is a group of articles designed to help small businesses make the most of the tools that Vergify provides them.

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