Add Live Chat For Better Customer Management

Studies have proven that live chat helps increase sales. For example, the American Marketing Association shows that live chat can increase conversions by at least 20 percent. Live chat helps your business communicate with potential customers much faster while at the same time adding an additional place for your business to provide customer support. When someone needs help the first thing they do is go to a website to look for a number, email, etc. When they realize they can live chat with that business, more times than not, they choose that option because it is more convenient and faster.


Customer Management

Live chat adds an additional source of lead capturing. When you use Vergify live chat you will have that users email address and name. Just add that user as a lead or enter in a support ticket if they’re an existing client. Add your customers to groups for better client organization.


Adding Live Chat To Your Website

Vergify makes this part really easy. Simply add the provided script in the “Get Code” section to any page on your website where you want live chat to be available. That’s it!

You can also customize the way live chat appears on your website. Change the color theme and messages that are shown. Customize live chat for your business. Learn more about adding Live Chat to your website.

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