A CRM With Integrated Email


Productivity is very important. That’s why we believe you shouldn’t have to leave our CRM to compose or check your email. Email is integrated throughout the entire application. Whether you’re viewing client details, updating the sales pipeline or managing your daily tasks, you can email anyone from anywhere within the application.


The Benefits Of A CRM With Integrated Email

All of your business & client contacts are in your CRM. No need to copy and past an email address into outlook or any other email app, simply click on the email icon and send that client an email. With Vergify you can group your clients by groups, this makes emailing groups of clients really easy and convenient.

With Vergify you can also have live chat available on your website. Clients who contact you via live chat can be emailed directly through the app. In addition to emailing that website visitor directly, you can setup automated emails that can be sent from your email when that chat session is complete.

Emailing and communicating with your clients is very important. Add your Office 365, Gmail or Corporate email account to Vergify and start communicating better.


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