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Manage Your Customers, Manage Your Leads, Manage Your Business. Free up more time with the easy to use all-in-one Small Business CRM Software.

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Powerful Features

A powerful CRM. Make our features work for your business. Use our Live Chat, Marketing, Surveys, Discussion & Subscriptions.

Easy To Use

Our interface is easy to use and includes tools that make running your business easier.

Simple Pricing

$25 per user per month
NO Restrictions

Vergify was made for small businesses & startups. Giving small businesses the chance to compete with the large companies by providing all the same tools in one place at a fraction of the price.

A Powerful Client Relationship Management System

Designed For Small Businesses

All the features your business needs

Perfect for small businesses & startups

Get a snapshot of how your business is performing
Client Management
Managing your clients made easy with Vergify CRM
Email Marketing
Beautiful marketing campaigns for your small business
Lead Management
An easy way to manage your sales and leads
To Do List
Organize your busy schedule with our brilliant to do list
Create surveys and distribute them to your target audience
Email Subscriptions
Build your email subscription list and engage your audience
Live Chat
Interact with your clients with our powerful live chat
Stay organized & manage your schedule, to do list & client followups
Start the conversion on your website or blog
Secure Data
Data stored in the cloud with high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption
Custom Fields
Customize Vergify CRM to your business with custom fields
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About Vergify

Who we are

We created Vergify with the desire to help small businesses manage their clients and expand their business.. Vergify is a cloud based CRM that offers easy-to-use tools to allow small businesses operate like the big guys at a fraction of the cost and without long-term commitment or contracts. We offer great features like Live Chat, Marketing, Discussion, Surveys & Email Subscriptions that will make managing your business a whole lot easier.

What we do

We are extremely dedicated to providing the best CRM and business management system that will empower businesses to not only meet their goals but to exceed their goals. Our goal is to provide businesses with the tools that will help their customers by putting them in the spotlight.

Why us?

Businesses need a CRM to manage their business, clients and employees at an affordable price. Use our features like Email Marketing, Surveys, Email Subscriptions, Live Chat & Discussions to run your business.

The Right Solution

Vergify your business

Save time

Your company needs tools & solutions to be as successful as you would like. Vergify will save you time and money.

Focus on your clients

Whether you're sending survey's, marketing campaigns or documenting client requests, Vergify enables you to focus on your clients with our easy to use features and reports.

Bundle Solutions

Choose the packages that work for your business. You can pick any of our bundled packages and jump start your business.

Stay Informed

Creating survey's is a great way to find out what your clients want. Staying informed on the needs of your clients will keep you delivering great results.


With our integrated marketing feature you can reach the customers that matter. Send email campaigns to your clients or your subscribed users.

Get the conversation going

Vergify Discussion is our easy to use web based commenting platform. Enable your visitors to have conversations about your business & learn from what they're saying.