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Grow your business faster by building strong customer relationships, better customer communication & learning what matters most to your customers.

Vergify offers the best free CRM for small businesses. Our free client management software lets you build lasting relationships with your clients while growing your business. The client management app gives a deep insight into your business, it has visual graphs and representations that makes everything easy to understand. It will maintain records of all data, history, updates and much more. You can even customize it due to the needs of your business. The cloud based customer service software gives you different configuration options & takes away all your management hassles. You get your complete workplace wherever you are! You just need to sign in and track everything that’s going on, just with few clicks.

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VergifyMore Leads
VergifyMore Clients
VergifyMore Sales
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Powerful Features

Vergify's intuitive features help your business focus on clients and growth.

Easy To Use

With an easy to use interface, Vergify will increase your productivity.

Simple Pricing

No complicated packages
Free forever for up to 2 users

For Your Business

#1 Free Customer Management Software


Save Time & Money

Spend less time jumping from app to app to achieve your business goals. Vergify is an all-in-one client management app with simple pricing that will save you money.


Focus on Clients

Customers are at the heart of every business. Vergify helps businesses focus on their clients and their business with our Free CRM for Small Business.


Increase Sales

Vergify's easy to use Lead Mangament & Live Chat features will help your business acquire more leads and convert more sales. Learn more about our free lead management software.


Learn More About Your Clients

Create a survey and distribute it to your audience via email, link sharing or embedding directly on your website. Use that data to make better business decisions.


Automate Marketing

Create and schedule beautiful email campaigns and expand your reach.


Get the conversation going

Add Vergify Discussion to your blog or website and enable your clients and readers to comment and contribute to the conversation.

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Free for small businesses, no credit card required


Perfect for Small Businesses & Startups

Intuitive snapshot of how your business is performing
Client Management
A fast and easy to manage your clients.
Email Marketing
Beautiful marketing campaigns for your small business
Lead Management
Manage your sales and leads
To-Do Tasks
Organize your busy schedule with our brilliant to-do tasks
Create surveys and distribute them to your target audience
Email Subscriptions
Engage with your audience
Live Chat
Interact with your clients, never miss a sale again
Stay organized & manage your schedule, to-do tasks & client followups
Start the conversion on your website or blog
Secure Data
Data stored in the cloud with high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption
Custom Fields
Customize Vergify CRM to your business with custom fields
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